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'Blackstar' Hidden graphic keeps David Bowie Alive in lovers' Minds

A hidden image in David Bowie's ultimate album, "Blackstar," has stunned and delighted fans of the musician who died two days after the album's Jan. 8 unlock on his 69th birthday.

"Blackstar" has been lauded as the star's parting present and a fan discovered the hidden image, observed CNN.

"When the gatefold is opened with the vinyl removed, and a strong easy shone onto it from behind, the entrance of the album is illuminated through a box of stars," CNN noted.

A fan posted in regards to the unintended discovery on Imgur.

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Bowie's son tweeted in regards to the photo. "It's fairly a touching little secret, and a nice nod to Bowie's immortality as a musical and cultural icon," The unbiased reported.

cowl designer Jonathan Barnbrook told Dezeen in January that the cowl was designed to replicate Bowie's mortality.

"He always desired to do something unique, regularly to the annoyance of the listing enterprise," Barnbrook stated. "He understood the value of the photo on a listing cover, when different people had forgotten about it."

The finality, darkness, and ease of the album cowl displays the song, Barnbrook defined.

"The concept of mortality is in there, and naturally the conception of a black hole sucking in everything, the massive Bang, the start of the universe, if there is an conclusion of the universe," he talked about. "These are things that relate to mortality."

The Guardian puzzled even if the hidden photo become an intentional design or a trick of the gentle, and invited fanatics to look at various the concept ion.

Twitter clients shared blended reactions to the invention.

curiously, no one has performed the album backwards yet.

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